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International Sales

Looking for the right partner overseas?  Thinking of adding ice cream to your portfolio?  Disappointed in the quality or selection of your current supplier?  Look no further!  San Bernardo Ice Cream is uniquely positioned to compete globally in both retail and food service and has nearly two decades of exporting experience. With more than 200 flavors in food service and 30 in retail, San Bernardo Ice Cream has a flavor, size and quality for everyone.   We offer point of sale and marketing support to help introduce the brand to new markets.  

Through our distribution center in Miramar, Florida San Bernardo offers container consolidation services and is conveniently located with easy access to the Port of Miami and Port Everglades for access around the globe.

Our products are kosher, EU approved and our SQF-3 manufacturing facility is approved for use by the US Military.  Products available for food service include 1.5 or 3 Gallon tubs and 5 Liter trays.  Retail products are available in Pints, 48oz Scround, 4 Quart Pails and 56oz Bricks.

We are always looking to grow and seek the right strategic partners.  For more information about our export programs or consolidation services, please call or click here.